Should we keep using the old safety harness design that can kill, or not?

We decided it was time to change. Why don’t you decide after seeing this website?
An evolution in neck and back support
– fall protection
– what else?
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We have designed and patented a safety harness accessory – “H.A.L.O.” neck and back support. This product drastically minimizes the dangers of suspension trauma resulting from a fall from heights while wearing a harness. “H.A.L.O.” gives you harness manufacturers a far greater chance of getting your product users home safely if they are involved in a fall arrest. Take advantage of the limited licences we will be offering. Click here to learn more about H.A.L.O.

Dorsal fall arrest suspension

Suspension trauma / suspension tolerance is a danger that all workers and adventurers at heights risk experiencing. We have created a resource base of videos and articles created and written by third parties. Yes that’s right – it just presents facts and other peoples opinions. Click here to learn more about suspension trauma / suspension intolerance.

Tim Briglia & Paul Stibilj - SAS Safety Systems partners

Yes. Some of you may want to know a little about who we are and why we are trying to disrupt old thinking. Click here to get the gossip.

SAS Safety Systems seeks manufacturing partners globally to incorporate H.A.L.O.

Would you like access to H.A.L.O. for your product or idea?

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