Your harness has arrested your fall – what now?
August 7, 2017

First aid measures for suspension trauma – evidence based review

A report published by HSE in UK outlining first aid measures for suspension trauma based on evidence available in 2009. The contributors are Dr A Adisesh, L Robinson, A Codling & Dr J Harris-Roberts from the Health & Safety LAboratory and Dr C Lee & Professor K Porter from the Uni. of Birmingham, Academic Department of Traumatology. The report Number / Title is:

RR708 2009
Evidence-based review of the current guidance on first aid measures for suspension trauma

To quote from the report abstract on the HSE website:

“The objective of this review was to locate and study literature dealing with the effects of being suspended in a harness and evaluate and report on them, together with attendant issues regarding various types of harnesses, including the position of their attachment points. In addition, selected harness standards were to be examined to see if and how they addressed the topic of suspension.
Over 50 documents were located from sources in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Australia and the Internet. These form the basis of the report.”

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