1987 OSHA commissioned report into motionless suspension in harnesses
August 2, 2017
First aid measures for suspension trauma – evidence based review
August 11, 2017

Your harness has arrested your fall – what now?

Your harness has arrested your fall – what now? – A paper authored by Tim Briglia and Paul Stibilj and presented at the 2016 International Society for Fall Protection Symposium in Atlanta.

Abstract. Safety harness design in relation to new concepts appears to have stagnated. The issue of Suspension Intolerance / Suspension Trauma receives ever growing publicity and shared knowledge, yet there has not been a progressive change in harness design to reflect this. The authors believe that a change in thinking to consider the use of sternal attachment may well introduce concepts that will remove the potential onset of this danger. Increasing awareness of the need to protect harness end users from head and neck injury in fall arrest may well be a prominent part of solutions discussed in this same arena. How international standards are written will have a strong bearing on allowing progress.

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